The manufacture of medical devices, drugs or in the aerospace industry is subject to stringent and comprehensive standards. The type of the work involved usually determines the cleanliness requirement of the environment. In most cases, control of contamination from outside bacteria or particulates is achieved through the use of a clean room facility.

A clean room is a controlled environment in which the concentration of airborne particles is controlled to specified limits. These contaminants are usually generated by people, process facilities or equipment and must be removed from the air. Strict rules are procedures are followed to prevent contamination of the product.

Clean rooms are classified to a number of standards, the most common being ISO 14644, which dictates the number of particulates allowable within a given cubic metre of air.

It is advisable and good practice that employees who work within clean room are medically assessed for fitness to work within these clean room environments. The purpose of a Clean Room medical assessment is to ensure the employee does not have any medical condition which could affect the microbiological and particulate cleanliness within the clean room, e.g. Infections, productive cough, uncontrolled skin conditions, etc.

Clean room medical assessments take approximately 30 minutes and include:

  • A confidential questionnaire
  • Medical assessment in relation to within the Clean Room
  • Skin inspection
  • Report, restrictions and recommendations
  • Anonymous statistics

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