Recent studies show that there is an increase in Drug and Alcohol Abuse in the general population.

The taking of drugs and/or alcohol can seriously affect work performance, quality and productivity.
They can be a contributor, as well as a cause of accidents in the workplace; this is particularly risky when employees are required to undertake safety critical roles in the workplace, such as driving a vehicle or working roadside on Motorways etc.

It can adversely affect working relationships between members of staff and, worse still, your company’s clients!
Many companies are now recognising the need to introduce Drug Alcohol and Substance Misuse Policies which allow a testing service for substances of abuse at pre-employment and during employment in the workplace.

Shea OH Ltd can help your company by:

  • Developing and producing a Drugs, Alcohol and Substance Misuse policy that is effective for your organisation, or undertaking a review of your current policy
  • Carry out the necessary testing plus producing reports including:Pre-employment Drugs and Alcohol Screening

    • Point-of-contact testing
    • Random/unannounced testing
    • Chain of Custody, with testing undertaken at a UKAS accredited Laboratory (legally defensible)
    • For Cause testing

  • Arranging counselling services if required for people who have been identified with a problem/ or have openly declared they have a problem and may need help
  • Provision of training for managers on your policy
  • Provision of training for employee into the effects of drugs and alcohol on the body.