Ergonomics is taken from the Greek words, “ergon” and “nomos”. Ergon means work and nomos means laws, when combined forms as laws of work.

Today ergonomics is the science, which deals with the workplace and designs the job to fit the worker, but not forcing them to fit the job.

Furthermore it is the science of designing products that work in accordance with the way humans think, see, and behave.

Products that are compatible with people will dramatically reduce human error, fatigue, discomfort, and stress, and have a profound positive impact on overall end-user performance.

Shea OH can help in the specialised area of ergonomics at work by reviewing and providing guidance on:

  • Production line and manufacturing area ergonomics
  • Setting up new workplace areas including, production, manufacturing and offices
  • Undertaking Workstation assessmentsEmployers are required by legislation (the Health & Safety at Work Act 1974 and the Health and Safety Display Screen Equipment (as amended) Regulations 2002) to ensure that work with computer equipment not adversely affect employees’ health.
    • Employers are, therefore, required to carry out a “risk assessment “of every workstation used to identify the health risks, and ensure that the workstation meets legislative requirements.

  • Training DSE Assessors
  • Training DSE users in safe use of computer equipment

  • Undertake Car ergonomic assessments
    • These look at the car and the driver and the activates undertaken in the car to determine if the car is suitable for the driver and how the driver is using the vehicle

  • Undertake Home Worker Assessments
    • These look at ensuring through a process of “risk assessment” required by The Management of Health and Safety at Work Regulations 1999 that any employee working for an employer within their own home is set up safely and has appropriate equipment and complies with how people at work are meant to be protected to ensure their health safety and welfare, whilst ensuring no person within the household or visiting can be affected by their work activities or equipment needed for it.


Associated documents:
Car Ergonomic Assessment
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